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Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - Arlington, VA

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) will be hosting a Latin America and Caribbean Airports Reverse Trade Mission to familiarize airport operators and other key government officials with U.S. technologies and best practices related to airport energy efficiency and power generation technologies. Delegates from the following countries will be invited: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Panama.

USTDA will host a Business Roundtable for U.S. businesses to learn about the plans and upcoming procurements in the LAC region. The aviation sector in Latin America and the Caribbean is growing rapidly, and countries plan to make significant investments in modernizing aviation infrastructure, specifically by improving their power management systems with more energy efficient and cost effective systems.

Topics for Discussion:

  • Latest energy efficiency technologies for airports
  • Best practices for power generation and energy storage
  • Improving energy management of airport operations             

Join the Business Roundtable to:

  • Learn about the energy efficiency and power generation goals of airports in the region
  • Connect with key decision-makers and potential buyers
  • Meet with key airport officials

Airport delegates invited from:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica
  • Panama

Once confirmed, delegate names and affiliations will be posted. Please check back!

(Subject to Change) 

9:00 AM               Coffee Reception and Networking

9:30 AM               Welcome Remarks

9:45 AM               Discussion on Energy Efficiency

11:00 AM             Break

11:15 AM             Discussion on Power Generation

12:15 AM             Questions & Answers

Seats fill up quickly and registration is required for the half-day Business Roundtable which includes continental breakfast, networking breaks and briefing materials. To register, please click the "Register" button below and submit the required information to confirm your participation in the event.

This Business Roundtable is limited to US companies. The USTDA defines a "U.S. firm" as a privately owned firm that is incorporated in the U.S., with its principal place of business in the U.S., and which is either (a) more than 50% owned by U.S. citizens and/or non-U.S. citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States, or (b) has been incorporated in the U.S. for more than three (3) years prior to the issuance date of the request for proposals; has performed similar services in the U.S. for that three (3) year period; employs U.S. citizens in more than half of its permanent full-time positions in the U.S.; and has the existing capability in the U.S. to perform the work in question. A partnership that is organized in the U.S., has its principal place of business in the U.S., and is more than 50% owned by U.S. citizens and/or permanent residents, qualifies as a “U.S. firm".


TERMS AND CONDITIONS, USTDA NATIONALITY REQUIREMENTS AND PRIVACY POLICY: Participation at and/or sponsorship of a USTDA event is limited to U.S. Individuals, U.S. Firms or U. S. Consultants as defined in USTDA’s Nationality Requirements, in addition to invited guests from USTDA eligible countries. USTDA reserves the right to authorize the participation of additional individuals and firms from the event’s host country and from other eligible countries with the same geographic region. Individuals or organizations that are included in the U.S. Government’s Excluded Parties List System may not attend or sponsor USTDA events. Also note that by registering for USTDA events, your contact information will be provided to USTDA and USTDA may make such information available to other interested persons upon request. In addition, please be informed that you will likely receive requests for information related to your participation in USTDA events and their outcomes via telephone, email or fax, from USTDA Evaluations, USTDA program evaluators and others who share USTDA’s mission. For more information on USTDA’s Nationality Requirements and USTDA’s Privacy Policy, please go to USTDA’s website at

Project Manager:
Andrew Gelfuso
Vice President
Trade Center Management Associates